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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland

Well what a weekend
away with good friends to an awesome weekend of classes with Di Garling
learning new tips and tricks - yep can definately teach an old dog new tricks
we took 3 of the 6 classes on offer and all  enjoyed every minute

Sharon Judy Di Maree and Joy all with their final layouts for the day

so now back to reality and that reality is that SENZ is just round the corner
the classes go live on the 6th June at 5pm for the VIPs and then for the next few days after until general sale....whose coming to play?
I have created 6 different classes for this year  from mini album (not really that mini) boys layouts, girls layout, mixed media and even a special mdf project
loved making all these classes and cant wait till end of July to share and create with you

A little in the life of Robbi
Emma has had her baby boy Bentley and he is just darling growing like a little sprout and getting cheekier by the day lol
Miss P is also growing up chattering away to herself and hoping i think that we understand her every now and then words happen that we can recognise .... still not Grandma will come....might have to bribe her with lollies etc
Spencer well hes just starting to crawl so is not going to be still for long once he really gets going
he has the most infectious laugh and smile with big blue eye to match

Trevor and I are away for a few days R&R then back and into the chaos that is SENZ 
but in the meantime we have another class coming up on the 16/17th June
layout and then cards all in the same day....looking forward to playing again lol

this is the layout sneaks and it is using the new release from Prima Havana
love the soft colours and Miss P has come along to help me create this beauty

6 different cards in this kit from happy Birthday to Sympathy so a good variation

If you would like to come along to class or purchase a kit they are $40 each (both is $75) and courier if required. Just email me on to let me know

Ok Ladies well thats it for this post
Hope you all keep warm and scrap up a storm

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland.....

Welcome to my monthly ramblings for February
This month sees the new concept for classes with both Dunedin and Balclutha classes being
a combined in the morning we are having a layout class from 9.30 till 12.30ish and in the afternoon from 1 till 3.30 we will be making cards.....then in April it will be reversed although the times may be tweaked a little.
If you would like to note the class dates for this they are for you
(1st date is Dunedin and 2nd date is Balclutha)
17th - 18th February
14th - 15th April
16th - 17th June
18th - 19th Aug
13th - 14th Oct
1st - 2nd December

Mega scrap day in Dunedin only will be on the 4th August
and I am hoping to add a few crop days in there as well but that will be down the track

This is the classes for this month and if you would like a kit or come join us at class these might spark your interest
1st is the double layout with little folders for adding photos and journaling for each month
to record your moments for 2018 - a wonderfully fun layout but you would have to be religious in getting your monthly photos and adding them - failing that it would be a great holiday layout
with plenty of room for both the little photos and tickets along with plenty of space for journaling
this shows some of the little folders -
cost of the kit is $40 and if required to be couriered please add $7 for courier or $9 for rural post

Next is the Card kit for this month - it has 6 easy cards to make (well I think they are easy)
there is different themes however you can make them whatever you would like - Sympathy, Birthday, just a simple Hello
I have only given you a sneaky of 4 of them at the moment
cost of the kit is $40 and if required to be couriered please add $7 for courier or $9 for rural post
If you would like to join us in class then please let me know by Friday at the latest or if you would like to have the kits couriered they will be sent on Monday 19th
Combined cost for both is $75 either for class or sent (add courier fee for sending)

In amongst the mess of kitting and creating for both class and camp and SENZ there has to be a little fun time with the grandies......thought you might like an update
Master Spencer is laying down the law.....Arms folded and giving me the "look here Grandma"
 and Miss Penelope has decided that Pops should by her a jetski....think she can spend a little more time practising on land

Musings.....Last night I got to go to Antenatal with Emma (I was token Jayden for the night as he was a bit crook)  I must admit things have changed a lot since I had the my 3 babies
no more breathing techniques - we know how to breathe
no more lying flat on the bed to birth the baby - hands and knees or swiss ball now used
no more Doctors - they seem to be on the outer  Midwives are used for everything
But....watching the "Dads to be" faces when certain things were mentioned was worth the trip in itself
and I did enjoy the coffee and chockie bikkie at half time lol
Ok that's it for this post - lets know if you are interested in the kits above or coming to play at class
Until next time

Take Care and
Happi Scrappin

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland....

Its ME!
I'm back...feels like I've been on one of those sabbatical's but no not really just me being slack
so please do forgive me...I do intend to be better at blogging all the  goodness that is happening in my scrappy world and outside it
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got the opportunity to take copious amounts of photos so you have a good stack for the upcoming themes and collections that the Companies are all showcasing at Creativation 2018 (wouldn't you just love to be there!) some of these are absolutely mind blowing and I cant wait to see them in real life
I have been working away on the SENZ projects and I'm hoping this year you will love them as much as I am....there is OTP goodies and of course trusty ever layouts and like I said with all the new collections coming out I'm sure all the Tutors are busy beavering away
This year after a lot of thinking and more thinking I have come up with a plan to change the way I run classes down here and in Balclutha - this will hopefully be easier for Ladies to come along to class (and of course to purchase the kits) by having the classes only once every 2 months - roughly but having a full day so running 2 classes one in the morning and one in the afternoon
It hopefully might mean Ladies can find one day every 2 months rather than 1 day every month
same amount of work but am looking to increase the numbers that come along to "play"
so most classes will be a layout in morning and cards in afternoon or vice versa
the dates are as follows if you would like to pop these in your calendar - dates shown for Dunedin (Balclutha classes are the following day)
17 Feb, 14 Apr, 16 June, 18 Aug, 13 Oct, 1st Dec
along of course with the Mega Scrap day that will be run on the 4th August
and I am also hoping to run a couple of crop days and a mixed media day along the way

Ok so yesterday I turned the big ...... (well a girl never tells....aye?) on sunday we had a wonderful family dinner and got to play with these 2 little squirts...
Aren't they just gorgeous?
Miss Penelope is now 14 months and Master Spencer is now 3 months old
and of course we have Emma's new baby arriving sometime early April....many of you will know Emz from working on the stall with Sharon at SENZ or even just from some layouts that she has been showcased on.  (she's having a little Boy so Miss P still reigns supreme lol)
Yep I'm gushing...they are just so cute but of course I'm a tad biased

Ok well that's a quick "Hello" from me at the moment
watch for the emails in your inbox around the 8th or so of Feb for the 1st class for the year
as I look forward to a very busy year
Until then
Take Care and Happi Scrappin'

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland....

Its almost time .....The Classes for this years SENZ go on sale for VIP's tomorrow at 9am
I hope you have all got your trigger fingers at the ready so you don't miss out on some amazing classes created by some real Talent....both from New Zealand and Australia
Click on the link above to be taken to the main page and get booking
Hopefully I will get to see you in some of my classes....I have a few different options this year and can't wait to catch up with old and new friends, and I'm pretty sure Trevor, Keri Sharon and Emma are also equally keen to say hello again
Until then
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland

Yes I know....Again I have been absent....but I do have a great excuse!
her name is Penelope and she is awesome! (and the apple of Pops eye....shes already got him wrapped round her tiny little finger!)
  but that's enough time wasting now we have to get down to scrappy business lol (I'm pretty sure sometime in the future you will see plenty more of her!)

So life....well we have sold our house and are on the move however the takeover date for new house isn't for 5 weeks after we leave our present one so we are going to be living out of suitcases and boxes in a motel ...... little does the owner of the motel know that the 2nd bedroom i requested will be full of scrapping boxes, my computer and printer, plastic bags, tins, even a cricut and cuttlebug
WELL A GIRLS GOTTA SCRAP! (and get ready for SENZ)
I hope you are all ready for the class sales that happen early next month you are going to be totally spoilt this year with so many different classes and tutors on offer you are really going to have a ball!
Sharon and Emma will again be on my stall with lots of wonderful Kits and goodies to complete any project you might like to try. Trevor and Keri will be in the class again to help and guide.
I have a wide variety of classes planned this year so hopefully you will come along and have some fun in them. Check our the site if you havent already
Anyway since we last spoke we have had a couple of classes and this weekend we have card class
so I am looking forward to the much needed distraction from packing.

The cards are 6 in total and are covering a wide variety of themes from baby to male to birthday etc
if you would like to grab one of these kits let me know (cost is $45 couriered and if rural delivery is required add another $5) email me on or message me on facebook

Our Beautiful Daughter got married in February to her longtime partner Jayden and the wedding and day couldn't have been more perfect. Emma planned everything and I must say she did a really amazing job and thought of everything....she never once thought the day would need a contingency plan as she only ever imagined her wedding day as a beautiful warm summer day and that's what she got! Her dress was beautiful as was she we are very very proud of her and all she has achieved

and a sneaky photo of some special ladies......Sharon and Noeline

Have an amazing lots of scrapping, eat lots of junk food and drink lots of good wine
thats my plan lol

Till next time 

Happi Scrapping 
and Take Care xxx

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hey Everyone thought you might like to see....

thought I would very quickly show you a very special card I made recently
I made this for a friend to give to a relative that was getting married and I must admit I did enjoy the process of making this card as it is so delicate and I love how the papers/flowers and little saying all work.....

 this is the little saying I used for the front of the card
The pic below is the once I have used for the inside....I printed onto watercolour paper, distressed the edges  and lifted. It certainly made the inside "POP" a little
I also created a special envelope by making one just a bit larger than the normal card envelope for my size card ( using my envelope maker )  I then scored some lines on the outside of the already created fold lines - only about .5cm  this created a little  buffer for the card to sit nicely in and not rub so would loose all its "pretty"
to the centre of the main base I cut 2 small lines either side of half way about 2.5cm apart and then threaded ribbon (matching to the card)  through and when the card was inside I tied a nice bow on the need for adhering the flaps as the ribbon holds everything in place and looks quite affective.
Ok told you it was short and sweet
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin' till next time

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland.....

Guess what......its time for a Little Bo Bunny Mini Album using Soiree papers
I have really enjoyed creating this little album and there is enough room for up to 30 photos....however if you used smaller ones on some pages or in some folders you could apply a lot more, there is 14 pages to complete
Every page has a little pocket of some kind for you to add your photos or Journaling
I have not added any photos yet as when our first little grandie is born I am going to "steal" her and take some of those cool pics in planters and pots etc......shush don't let her parents know!

here is a couple of sneaks of the album....cant put up to many till after the class but then I will show you some more of the pages

 the photo above shows the front cover.....I have covered the title in some metallic  acrylic paints to match the cover papers and think it actually gives it a really nice soft look
 this photo shows the inside of the album and all the pages you will get to fill....would be a great Christmas project as its definitely not a quick album to make

A wee sneaky of the inside cover and some of the little pockets that are available for you to cover and adhere you special photos to
I really am looking forward to this class and seeing what the Ladies use their little albums for as always they will all be so different but its going to be a lot of fun. Class is on the 15th in Dunedin and the 16th in Balclutha. Then there is only 2 more classes for the year and we wont be starting back until mid February  (Christmas is only 82 days away......just thought you might need a little reminder)
A quick couple of pics of my Daughter in Law Sherie, who is glowing (and growing) more everyday. I cant wait to meet and say Hello to the little bundle she is carrying ....I have nicknamed her Harriet...not sure why but it seemed to work better than Bump, or Baby or whatever
8 weeks to go and we finally get to put face to name and then I get to fill my album lol

there is only a few weeks difference between these photos so a very big difference
in that short period of time.
We have the baby shower this coming weekend so makes it all the more real and especially now we can feel her moving around a little bit and poking her booty out
Very exciting!
Ok that's it for now short and sweet
until next time
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'