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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland....

seems for ever since I was on here but honestly the time has gotten away from me
so a quick catch up and then we should be back in the "zone"

June - found out we are going to be Grandparents - first Grandie - very exciting due in November so guess there will be quite a few little girl layouts in the future
July - Had amazing classes at SENZ and again was well supported by my helpers
Sharon, Emma on the stall, Trevor (my superhero) and of course the amazing Keri
the classes all went well and hopefully the Ladies all went away happy with almost finished projects
Am busy thinking and working on next years ones and I promise they will be better than any previous!

August - We took all the kids to America and created havoc at the theme parks - Disneyland and Universal, went to Mexico for a day trip and took in the sights of LA on a day tour which included some Stars houses.....I kept wondering are they really these peoples houses and are the stories the driver is telling us completely true or have they been "embellished" a bit
We even made it to Santa Monica and got to stroll along the Pier - I must admit I was a little in withdrawal and kept thinking there's a Michaels just up that hill and round the corner but we weren't there for scrapbook shopping we were there to create some wonderful memories and that we certainly did......amazing how every Restaurant bill  had more alcohol expenses than food! but then those Sangrias were pretty delicious

The Bells hit Disneyland
 Trevor and his mate Goofy
 Mike Sherie and Baby makes 3
 Emz and Jayden
 Chris Anna and of course Goofy
 California Land....nup didn't do the roller coaster in the background (Sherie and I are not that stupid!)but all the others did and some did it twice

Sept - have just finished class and thoroughly enjoyed how everyone's layouts looked so different
this month there was a Female and a Male version - the Male version appeared to be more popular to begin with but then the Female one took over. We were using the latest papers from Kaiser ...for the Men it was Barber Shoppe Collection and the Ladies was Mademoiselle...both amazing collections
 found a couple of nice photos of myself so thought about time I did a "Robbi" layout
and I do love this set of photos of Trev and Goofy so had to use them

Oct - for the next class we are making a Mini Album....very girly and pretty so not manly at all but hey like I always say the first one is a sample so if you had any good weathered paper you could create a nice male one for Xmas or just as a nice thank you gift

Ok that's it for about now but if you are going to be in Christchurch for the Labour weekend break and feel like a bit of scrapping then go online to Scrap n Chat and register we are creating 2 layouts on the Friday night (time permitting) and mixed media goodies on the Saturday....not to many place left in either class so don't wait to long
Until next time
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland

Thought I would share with you the 2 projects we made during Mixed Media class here in Dunedin and Balclutha last weekend
Had a heap of fun and everyone's was so totally different just by using the different colour paints but even with some ladies using the same it came down to those who added heavier amounts or lighter
the process was very easy to achieve the finished result for both projects

Who would of thought playing with glue and paint would be so much fun lol

This board is 8x8 and has a multitude of layers - including the new white crackle from Finnabair (love the product) a cute resin frame and of course Prima flowers

I am absolutely blown away by this box and drawer set and how they all ended up, We used the little Art stones and Mini Art stones also from Finnabair they just give a really cool finishing touch to any mixed media project. Lots of metals including some household pieces of course there is lace and a butterfly.
Maybe we will play again later this year....

How is everyone's SENZ class purchases going, there is a lot of choice this year and some amazing tutors coming from all round NZ and  Australia  SENZ Website for classes and info
Classes are released today for 2 and 3 days pass holders and for non ticket holders from Monday but the information I have heard is in some classes there's not many places left....Good Luck getting the classes you are after
Ok short and sweet
Until next time
Happi Scrappin'

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland!

Whose Coming to ......

This year there is an amazing line up of Tutors and stalls to fill your every "scrapbooking" need
so I hope you have already purchased your VIP ticket as the classes go on sale from next Wednesday
then following on for the daily ticket holders up till Sunday when they go on sale for the General Public.
I have been very busy ferreting away in every room of the house getting goodies ready and I hope I will have some type of project that you might just like....I do have 2 favourites  and cant wait to have you join me in class this year to get creative with them.
My class numbers are a bit less this year so don't dilly dally when it comes to booking a class whether for myself or other tutors as I am pretty sure the classes are all going to be overflowing and possibly waiting lists might apply lol
If you haven't purchased a ticket yet then get hold of Fiona via the SENZ website and get yourself sorted.....
I will be back over the weekend with a couple of pics from the Mixed Media classes I am holding here in Dunedin and Balclutha...its going to be heaps of fun, mess and laughter but I am super excited to see everyone's work and what they come up with as everyone's will be so different
Until then
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hey Everyone...

Thought I would come show you what I have been up to the last few days
DIL Sherie was put in charge of supplying a "surprise" for her friends 30th birthday
so she turned to..........a project life album and you know I think she has secretly been watching and maybe even learning a few ideas because I must admit I was very proud of the way she put the album together
I just threw her a box of project life cards and some sleeves and of course a nice album to hold it all together and she did the rest.... I even have proof

she wasn't so sure about the inking part but hey...eventually it washes off lol
So congratulations Gemma you have a very good friend who went outside the norm and created you a masterpiece

while this has all been going on I have been very busy getting the first class kits ready for class next week ....with a little help from Gus!
I am convinced he is the gayest cat around as he absolutely loves flowers and always seems to want to sleep in my flower bag
We are using the latest collection from Kaisercraft Treasured Moments and and I think the papers can lend themselves to either a nice Wedding layout, a Family or even Grandma
If you would like a kit which includes a layout and card let me know and they will be sent out next Friday the 19th
$40 couriered within NZ with full colour instructions.
The goodies are starting to arrive for my SENZ kits and there is boxes everywhere with notes scribbled all over them
I love getting happy mail and putting everything together.,...which means I can now concentrate on my classes and what we will be making....possibly a few OTP items along with cards and layouts
Lots of fun ahead
This weekend takes us to our Eldest Sons rugby game. Chris has been asked to join the Spartans 2016 squad and gets to play alongside some of the "old" players  Brendon Laney, Pita Allatini, Kees Meews, Carlos Spencer John Leslie etc so it is going to be a wonderful day and I'm sure one he will remember for a long time.
Chris is on the right side with the signed jersey that is up for auction tomorrow night at prize giving
would like to think we might bring it home but will have to wait and see.
We are very proud of his rugby achievements over the years especially reaching the 200 game milestone as a premier player for Zingari here in Dunedin..... But surely this also has to be up there

 Ok everyone short and sweet and not really much about scrapbooking, so I will leave you with a couple of sneaky pics from this months class/kit

Oh yea and in case you didn't realise I used some of Chris and Anna's wedding photos for the layout. they worked well on the papers
Until next week take care and
Happi Scrappin'

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

STOP!!! I have lost 2015

where have these last few months gone
are we all that busy now that life just passes us by in the blink of an eye!
I know for us we have been very busy almost every weekend since SENZ in July and then I suppose throw in a trip to the UK and Europe probably doesn't help!
What a fantastic time we had though and I really do love cruising unpack once and every morning wake up in a different City/Country....Perfect!
We left NZ on the 26th August and headed to London spent 4 days there and then headed to Southampton to board the
massive Cruise ship  Explorer of the Seas which took us to the Mediterranean
we visited Gibraltar UK, Barcelona Spain, Cannes (Monte Carlo) France, Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy, Livorno Italy, Cagliari (Sardinia) Italy, Malaga Spain, Cadiz Spain, Lisbon Portugal then back to Southampton
16 nights in total and a thoroughly enjoyable trip
then we headed over to Paris.... I am in love with the iconic places that everyone knows about but not so sure about the people, I walked out of 3 shops due to standing in a line ( a line of!) and they totally ignored me
We did know a certain amount of French between all of us and thought we did pretty well at asking for coffee etc lol
Actually everything I expected to see was non existent you know the little cafes and bakeries with the red and white table clothes....maybe its a trap I have fallen into from movies, books and possibly the odd scrapbooking item
But anyway  been there done that ...probably wont do it again.
Happy Travellers the first leg of a 23 hour flight
with Brian and Jackie

                                                       a couple of iconic places in London
 Our ship "Explorer of the Seas"
 On the Promenade
 One of our Main room amazing waiters Custodo

and another Dominique
both absolutely wonderful and funny guys
Trevor at the outside bar we frequented a lot on the ship
In Nice 

Trevor and Brian at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Amazing sights in Rome
Outside the Coliseum in Rome 
There's Trevor the Gladiator
Chairs at the Vatican for Wednesday service
Some of the coloured Houses in Cinque Terre Italy
Do you see the Old Lady watching the world go by in Cagliari Sardinia (Italy)

The Boys found Coronas in Cadiz
Lisbon Portugal
A very cool wooden dog statue in a shop window
And there it is!!! the Eiffel Tower
view from the other side of the Eiffel tower and the Bus we were on
Looking down from the summit of the Eiffel Tower - not a nice day but did come out warm and sunny later on
The Mona Lisa - not sure what all the fuss is about lol

all that was available at the Paris Airport to eat before long haul back home
not good really for supposedly a international airport!
Ok Scrappy World that's it from me for the start of the year....but look out I am intending on blogging a lot more this fact I intend doing it so much you will be sick of me!
Until next time
Happi Scrappin'

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mess....Oh Beautiful Mess!

Well that's what I keep telling myself that my lounge is a "Beautiful mess"
it actually isn't's more like world war 3 has had a brain explosion in my lounge, kitchen, garage
and really any place that a brown box can be housed!!!
Yep you guessed it... I'm in the midst of kitting for my 8 SENZ classes and the stall goodies as well
along with class this coming weekend
However there is a little flicker of light at the end of a very long tunnel and once my missing Burgundy cardstock arrives everything will be boxed, labelled and put on the pallet to head north
but in the meantime my little tins arrived...and they are so damn cute
can you guess what class each tin is for  and of course they will be full of all the "little" goodies for that respective class
there is 4 different little houses and they are totally gorgeous......if you haven't yet booked into one of my SENZ classes or at least checked them out then come on over to
some of the classes are already full but there is kits available and other classes are almost full
The pallet will be sealed and sent on the 1st July so I am definitely counting down to that day. 
before then we have class here in Dunedin and Balclutha this coming weekend and I must admit
I was really looking forward to using the New Papers from Prima Debutante or Garden Fable
but once again they arrived to late so had to delve back into the past and use the Blue Bay Collection from Kaiser and I am really happy with how it has come out. Included in the kit is a bonus card since there was lots of leftovers.
In August we will use the papers from Prima so that's not to long to wait.
Here's a couple of sneaky peeks of the layout....I do love those colours!

in class we get to do a little painting and of course a lot of distressing and inking - always my fav!

In July the weekend after the SENZ Expo  - I will be running a "Project" day and we will be creating the Mini Album, the Panel Art and included in the day price will be choice of Boys or Girls kit from my SENZ classes, Lunch and Dinner will be provided so if you are around Dunedin on the 18th July and would like to come along for a fun filled day of creativeness please let me know. the class will be running from 9am till 7.30pm and the cost is $175
 Ok that's it for now I hope you are all keeping warm and dry
until next time
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'

Friday, May 22, 2015

SENZ Classes

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland...
the SENZ classes are finally available to General Public from today which means I can now show you what I have created for the classes I am running up there
I was lucky enough to have some very special little people come along and help me by letting me use their photos thank you Amelia, Matilda, Blake and Jayden......I'm sure there will be more to come in the future as they get older

the link to go to see my classes is on the right and you will be taken to the store
or click here

kits are available for all classes - but please be careful if you were to purchase more than one
after the first which has courier fee added then for any after that choose the option that has collect from show - that is courier free
But hey coming for a look doesn't mean you have to purchase!

* The Boys Layout is using papers from the Kaisercraft Scrapyard Collection and I really love the corner on this layout - its nice and messy but controlled lol
* The Girls Layout is using papers from the Kaisercraft Oh So Lovely Collection and is nice and soft and pretty - also has a very cool corner embellishment
* The Prima Butterfly Panel Art is a heap of fun to create and if you loved the Puzzle Wall art last year then you will definitely love this one and again its one you can add to, to make a double layout etc it uses lots of metal trinkets and of course lace, flowers and.....
* The Mini Album is created using The Kaisercraft Oh So Lovely papers again and has 15+ pages for you to add your bits and pieces to and every page has pockets for Photos and Journaling,  Ticket Stubs etc
* Cards - Well these are definite OTT "Robbi" style but are for all genders and themes  so if you are looking for that special card for someone come and check them out

so come on over to the SENZ page and check out all the Tutors Classes
something might just take your fancy

Until Next Time
Take Care and Happi Scrappin'