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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland.....

Welcome to my monthly ramblings for February
This month sees the new concept for classes with both Dunedin and Balclutha classes being
a combined in the morning we are having a layout class from 9.30 till 12.30ish and in the afternoon from 1 till 3.30 we will be making cards.....then in April it will be reversed although the times may be tweaked a little.
If you would like to note the class dates for this they are for you
(1st date is Dunedin and 2nd date is Balclutha)
17th - 18th February
14th - 15th April
16th - 17th June
18th - 19th Aug
13th - 14th Oct
1st - 2nd December

Mega scrap day in Dunedin only will be on the 4th August
and I am hoping to add a few crop days in there as well but that will be down the track

This is the classes for this month and if you would like a kit or come join us at class these might spark your interest
1st is the double layout with little folders for adding photos and journaling for each month
to record your moments for 2018 - a wonderfully fun layout but you would have to be religious in getting your monthly photos and adding them - failing that it would be a great holiday layout
with plenty of room for both the little photos and tickets along with plenty of space for journaling
this shows some of the little folders -
cost of the kit is $40 and if required to be couriered please add $7 for courier or $9 for rural post

Next is the Card kit for this month - it has 6 easy cards to make (well I think they are easy)
there is different themes however you can make them whatever you would like - Sympathy, Birthday, just a simple Hello
I have only given you a sneaky of 4 of them at the moment
cost of the kit is $40 and if required to be couriered please add $7 for courier or $9 for rural post
If you would like to join us in class then please let me know by Friday at the latest or if you would like to have the kits couriered they will be sent on Monday 19th
Combined cost for both is $75 either for class or sent (add courier fee for sending)

In amongst the mess of kitting and creating for both class and camp and SENZ there has to be a little fun time with the grandies......thought you might like an update
Master Spencer is laying down the law.....Arms folded and giving me the "look here Grandma"
 and Miss Penelope has decided that Pops should by her a jetski....think she can spend a little more time practising on land

Musings.....Last night I got to go to Antenatal with Emma (I was token Jayden for the night as he was a bit crook)  I must admit things have changed a lot since I had the my 3 babies
no more breathing techniques - we know how to breathe
no more lying flat on the bed to birth the baby - hands and knees or swiss ball now used
no more Doctors - they seem to be on the outer  Midwives are used for everything
But....watching the "Dads to be" faces when certain things were mentioned was worth the trip in itself
and I did enjoy the coffee and chockie bikkie at half time lol
Ok that's it for this post - lets know if you are interested in the kits above or coming to play at class
Until next time

Take Care and
Happi Scrappin