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Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey Everyone in Scrappyland
just a quick update on the SENZ progress......if your booked into a class or ordered a kit
Don't Panic....I'm doing enough of that for all of us because once the pallet is loaded and sent its out of my come on lets face it, if a woman was in control it would get to the Ellerslie
Events Centre be unpacked and all in its place ready to go by next Thursday....however I think the Truck driver is a male....should I be worried (probably!)
ANYWAY...what will be will be.....'Que Sera Sera'

If all goes according to plan the pallet will arrive safe and sound and be waiting for us at a friends warehouse so we can unload and upload to have everything sorted....Nup we are all in good hands...Trevs on the case...see below

Trev had a good system going creating all the resin frames for the Wall Art Class
he was getting one ready to pour as soon as the previous one was dry!

And while he was creating the resins I was busy "cupping" the 3x4 ATC papers for the Wall Art kits
you can see some of the resins in the cups along with flowers....
It really doesn't matter how much organising you put into something....something always goes pear shaped and some of the flowers haven't arrived yet, so looks like there will be extra bags of flowers travelling on the lane next week with us.
Anyway hope you are all well and getting your scrapping kits together and ready for SENZ and hopefully I will see you there, please come say "hello"
Until Then
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin

Friday, June 20, 2014

Finalist Entry Kaisercraft DT 2014/15.......

Am I nervous???...too right I am!
with the papers only arriving on Tuesday and the deadline extended to today for my entries I have had to do a "no procrastinating: just do it, don't think about it : just do it" job and I must admit I am actually very happy with the outcome of all 3 projects.

Am I excited???...too right I am! In all my years (geez I sound like a seasoned pro lol) of scrapbooking I have seen the industry change some for the worse, some for the better and  Kaisercraft have done a super fantastic job of not so much as keeping up with the Joneses as surpassing them.
Some of their recent lines Basecoat and Art of Life (my all time favourites....until I opened my package on Tuesday) just gives the Scrappers, Cardmakers and OTPagers so many options at their fingertips and even down to the embellishments that are also produced are totally amazing and at times mindblowing.

What a wonderful opportunity it would be to be part of what is ahead in the industry for Kaisercraft
as part of their 2014/15 DT and if the papers they have sent out for the entries is anything to go by then all of us are in very good hands of having our well earned pennies being spent on such amazing collections as the new upcoming Basecoat Christmas and Teddy Bears Picnic.

So here is what I have created using both these collections...unfortunately I did run out of time to create anything more than the Layout for the Basecoat Christmas, but am intending on being creative with some more of the papers after I finish classes this weekend and get the pallet away to Auckland on Monday.


Miss Amelia (a Friends Granddaughter) has come along to help me so off this amazing Christmas range. Basecoat Christmas is what its called and the colours are a total winner
 This is a close up of the top of the layout, and I have added a Tim Holtz mini wreath, metal bell and lots of muslin, fibre and die cut embellishments
I have had this little bird in my stash for goodness knows how long and been waiting for the perfect layout to use it on....this is it! isn't he gorgeous

I have created this rosette using another of Tim Holtz dies - the poinsettia  and added of course my trademark flowers and extra "snow" like edges on the poinsettia
Here is a card I made this morning before work...the middle piece is layered and little Timmy has come to help show off his friends

This shows the inside of the card...there is just to many real cool parts to this collection that you just cant help your self in using as many as possible
I stamped a saying from the Kaisercraft  - True Friendship set of stamps. I love giving the insides of my cards something a little more than just a flimsy piece of paper to stamp a saying on.
here is my layout I have created using as many parts of the papers I received as possible, my 2 friends Miss Emma and young Timmy had to come along for moral support. I love how the tartan goes with any thing to do with Teddy Bear's

I have double cut this piece with the teddies popping out of the suitcase and layered it up and added the little teddy in the middle (also on chipboard) just to give some dimension and added some black stickles to their eyes to make them more "real"

Can you see all the wee teddies jumping all over the cases, I cut them from the larger sheet and added chipboard to them to layer them up. I also double cut the lids on some of the cases to make them more lifelike.
Ok that's it for my finalist entry into the DT for Kaisercraft. I had so much fun playing with these 2 collections and I have more ideas for the leftovers....just need a little "Me" time to play.
I do wish all the other finalists the best of luck with their entries into the DT finals and look forward with anticipation to who makes the final cut, but I do know we are all in good "Kaiser" hands
for future inspiration!
Until Then
Take Care and Happi Scrappin

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yahoo! I'm a finalist for the ...

Can you see me.....I'm doing a happy happy dance!!! Jumping up and down and getting totally immersed in thinking:-
What papers will they send me to play with?
I wonder what photos will work?
Oh My Gosh...what am I going to create?
starts all over again
However when Stephanie from Kaisercraft  contacted me on the 27th May and told me I was one of the finalists and said they were sending a packet of papers (not yet released....oh I love sneaky's) and that I should receive it within the week and have all creations uploaded to the blog by last FRIDAY
for final judging...I thought yep sure no problem, got it sorted and was ready and waiting for the courier guy...well the week was courier guy meant no parcel...lost in transit
So yep hurried emails back and forth and they very kindly sent me another arrived on Tuesday (just past) and now have to have my goodies uploaded by this FRIDAY.
The papers are totally gorgeous and I couldn't believe how cool one set was....but cant share that yet
you will have to come back tomorrow and check out what I was able to create in a short period of time....but as many of you know I don't scrap fast and I change my mind like a million times
before glue and paper I'm thinking even I will be surprised with what get created...maybe those "helpful Scrappin Fairies" in the corner of my scrap room will help....Not a good week to loose mojo!
Along with finalizing all the kits for SENZ which have to be on the freight on Monday/Tuesday at the latest to get to Auckland in time and then there's class tomorrow night here in Dunedin and Sunday in Balclutha......................I'm sure the Kaiser entry will come up just fine!
So Please wish me luck
and keep your fingers crossed I can come up with something deserving of the papers!
Until Tomorrow...
Happi Scrappin'

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey Everybody in Scrappyland...

Well in a months time Trevor and Myself will be winging our way to Auckland laden with boxes and boxes oh and some extra boxes full of Kits and loads of giveaways  and goodies for my 6 classes at the SENZ Expo from 4th -6th July

My wall Art classes have already sold out and had we not been booked to come home reasonably early on the Sunday I would have looked at another class however that's not to be......BUT WAIT!!! there's kits available for sale and they can be either couriered or collected from the show (kit cost is $65) just letz know if you might be interested.
The other Classes -
* Mini Album using the Graphic 45 Botanical Tea and lots and lots of goodies are selling ok and there's only a few spaces left in each (3 on the Friday and 8 on the Saturday) once again Kitz ($55) are available
* The Double Page Layout using the Prima Collection Stationers Desk, is also selling really well and has about 8 spaces left in each class, once again kits ($49) are available

Anyway this was just a quick heads up and to let you know how things are progressing
I cant wait to start the kitting process...that's happening after a glass of Wither Hills and of course a little chocolate
Until Then
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'