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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prima BAP Dec 2010

Here is a layout I have recently created for the Prima BAP Competitin for Dec, this is a very special photo as this amazing wee fella was born at 26 weeks and only weighed 955g he is now 3 months old and now weighs 7lbs. His name is Kaleb Smith and he is a truly amazing little man, he has done so well in to the last 3months that he is now home and his Mummy and Daddy were able to spend Christmas at home with him and all his santa goodies instead of in the NICU unit at Dunedin Hospital. Hopefully I will be allowed more photos in the future to share with you.........
Used mostly Prima goodies on this layout except for the chipboard "Magical Moments" which I got from "Meant to Be" scrapbooking in Australia, a fantastic company who will create anything you would like in chipboard especially kids names or place names, words etc. Terry will be very helpful and try and help you with your requirements.
Thanks for looking
Toodles xx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boyzone Challenge at Scrappin Patch....

Isn't this little face gorgeous.....This is Finn, a very handsome young man, who's Big Sister Sherie let me use his photo for a very special layout (or 2!) but especially for the Boyzone Challenge at Scrappin Patch which ends on the 15th January, so I hope there are lots of photos being taken over the next week or so and lots of layouts being created to enter this competition. The only requirement is that its "Boyz at Play" now this of course is open to interpretation it could also be big boys at play and with New Years fast approaching I'm sure we could get a few neat layouts in the Gallery......

Anyway here is Finn....

So what do you think...............Keen to have a go....well then the folder is open in the gallery and waiting for some layouts
I will keep an eye out to see who is first, you just never know there might be a wee prize for that as well
Toodles xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 6 - at BPS - Black and White with Nic....All finished Now!

Well its over and what a 6 week ride it has been, there is no more waiting for teatime on Thursdays now as its ALL OVER!, Finished, Kaput, Finito....
The Black and White colours of the 6th week were really a challenge especially when I stuck the white pic on the black card and vice versa and couldn't change them (yes even I do it lol) I did enjoy the cards tho and then the layout, I knew straight away what photo I was going to use and the whole layout fell into place, I think the final result is Ok

I love how the Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers came out being made in black cardstock and then dunked in some diamond dust.

Here is the black and white cards for you to have a peek at....

Thanks for taking the time to have a look.... Leave me a comment if you like and let me know what you think of the Layout and Cards

Toodles xx

Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 5 - Purple at BPS with Nic

I would throughly recommend these classes, the content is amazing and the way we have been made to think about the colours we use on layouts has been wonderful. Instead of just throwing some of this and a little of that on there, you actually start to think about the colour combo's, and Nics teaching Skills are second to none.

Week 5 was no exception, we used purple - a mixture of Indigo and Violet.

My Friend Sharon, was over the moon when this colour came up as its her definate favourite and she completed 2 wonderful layouts and her wee colour cards as well, really doing the colour justice.

I have enjoyed using this colour on the 1st layout, but then we had an opportunity to use it in an xtra challenge along with another of my favourite companies goodies and the is Dusty Attic, so you will see I have plenty as used 3 pieces on my layout.

Anyway thanks for looking and hope you have a wonderful weekend, I have the last scrap saturday tomorrow here in Dunedin for the year with a group of like minded Friends, if any of you would like to join us next year for a 3 weekly/monthly Scrap Saturday then let me know and I will give you the details.

Toodles xxx

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week 4 - Blue with Nic over at BPS

Wow........Loved this challenge, its a Double, something I definately do not do that often But I used some of my Prima favourites from this season being Jack n Jill and spread the vines across both pages to give it some "flow", you can't see it very well but each strip is lifted and the photos are flat on the base to give it some dimension (looks better in real life).
It just all fell into place and I love the outcome, what do you think?

The little gate is Dusty Attic (another favourite Company) and I even managed to get a little silver Bell to put under our last name.

Toodles xxx

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ok....So I admit it....I'm a..........

Ok so I admit it, I'm a Scrapaholic and I drink too much............ well I didn't actually think I had a problem, but after a visit to the Dr's last week (for my annual 4yearly checkup....he actually said to me "Well either you don't get sick much or your scared of me" you know he says all this while resting his "Dr" hand on my knee, I do always try and sit in the furthermost away chair but his has wheels and he comes closer and closer! you know why I dont go much....but I did need more drugs for my back and the Nurse wouldn't give me a another script unless I saw the Doc,
hence my visit, which as it turns out wasn't exactly working in my favour!)
Apparently I drink far too much COFFEE and that is apparently the problem, once again I don't see it as a problem, what really is wrong with having one at 5.30am and then having a continuous cup while scrappin until bedtime usually around 11pm....ok so maybe there are a few I could cut out, but WHY? The Doc informed me I would be much better dropping some coffees and having GREEN TEA..................GREEN TEA! what the hell is green tea I said, does that come in the form of a coffee jar and have "Moccona" on the label, cos if it doesn't then this gal ain't drinking it!
Well just try it he said.....................he must have thought Ha! I have her here now lets tell her she needs a blood which I replied "What the hell for" I'm not sick...ok i have a problem, apparently i drink too much coffee but does that really require a blood test....I don't think so! he wants to check my liver (its fine its pickled from the over excessive amount of wine I also drink) he wants to check my cholesterol (its fine, its not like I eat a lot of takeaways...oh hang on yes i do! na its fine) he wants to check my Kidneys (they are fine, they go hand in hand with my liver) and a heap of other things, when he tried to hand me the form I said "No thanks" I'm feeling fine, Maybe (definitely)a kilo or 5 overweight (due to the takeaways and the heavy drinking I suspect!) but feeling fine and your not going to send me for a blood test to find something and tell me I will only have a matter of weeks to live...........cos that's what happens, people go to the Dr feeling just a little off colour and then wham the next thing they are drinking up a storm cos they have been told (via a blood test....) that they have cancer or heart disease or whatever and they better sort out their priorities cos it will all be over theory is cut out the middle man (the Doc), drink eat and be merry and scrap away to your little hearts content and if and when your time comes then so be it..................Anyway I was sidetracked.........
I found some GREEN TEA Yesterday and thought Ok I will try this for one day,
Verdict:- I don't like it!!! I woke up this morning feeling yuck and like I was it possible to drink too much GREEN TEA, I think so! the box had 25 tea bags and now theres only 17 least I know where I stand with my trusty cup of "Moccona" its my inspiration for scrappin, if I hit a wall and can't find that idea in my grey matter then a cup always sorts out the brainwaves and puts everything back in place and off we go again,
GREEN TEA and DOCTORS are the only 2 things that should be taken in very "little" moderation!
So while I have my 4th cup this morning and think about the scrappin day ahead, I will think more about the Blood Test form that is on the side of my fridge, But I will win...............

Hope you have a great weekend and get lots of scrappin done
Toodles xx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

BPS - Week 3 - Green with Nic...

I am not really a big fan of green, but I do seem to use it alot in my scrappin' it just seems to blend into any other colour thats on the page and it really is the "Woman behind any good Man". I did enjoy this challenge but unfotunately the dimension is not visible from the photo.......................what do you think?

Of course there had to be a little Prima and Timmy (as usual) but a little never hurt..... did it?Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts on this layout so please let me know what you think

Toodles xx

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Colour (color) Orange/Yellow BPS Challenge with Nic.....

Well this one really took some thinking, not 2 of the easiest colours to work with, but together they seem to compliment each other. I used a black and white photo of My Mum on her Wedding Day way back in 1959. I used some pearls on my layout because Mum borrowed Grans ones for the big occassion. I had to play around with lots of different combinations before I was happy with the final layout and then it had to be "Robbi-ed" of wonder a single layout can take me 3 days to complete!
Can't waste time now tho Adrienne has given me bags of goodness to play with and make some 4/5 page kits and then some gorgeous papers to make a 2 page kit and guess what its guna be "Robbi-ed" so you know there's guna be a little Prima here and there
Anyway what are your thoughts on this layout, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappin...

Toodles xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Colour RED..........................

I have joined the BPS 6 week challenge with Nic Howard, this 1st week was the colour (or is it color?) RED. Not really one of my favourite colours as it is very bold and as you all know the eye goes straight to it on a page, however I did enjoy the challenge and am looking forward to this weeks one

Here is my take on the RED Layout Challenge

Letz know what you think.......................

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The October BAP for Prima seems to be a real challenge for me this month and yet it looks like quite an easy sketch...........maybe I just analyse them too much and it seemed to take forever to decide on what papers to use..................oh hang on it all had to be Prima.....why would that be hard?.....................WELL because there is so many yummy ones that I just can't decide, it was almost a case of giving Trev the Box full to overflowing of Prima goodness and telling him to choose!!! how bad is that!

Anyway what do you think, this is what I came up with over Labour Weekend not my usual over the top layout with every inch covered but I quite like the simpleness of it....well I have to it's the only one I'm entering......................

Thanks for taking the time to have a look,

Toodles xx

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trina McClune put up a Sketch Challenge for the
Christchurch Earthquake Charity Crop last weekend held around the country.
Here is my take on the sketch. I didn't enter Trina's competition but did it for fun anyway

Hope you like it...............

Have a fantastic Labour Weekend and letz hope all the folk in Canterbury can relax and have just a litle break from all the aftershocks, and maybe even a little sun would be nice

Toodles xx

Monday, October 18, 2010

Well Hello, after a very busy weekend at the Christchurch Charity Crop I have come home to put my feet up and have a wee snooze....................not likely there is too much scrappin too be finished and started!. The crop was amazing and a whole lotta fun, for those that booked and never turned up, I'm sure you would have really enjoyed the day. I know I had a heap of fun and I'm sure the flower making went down really well, so i think we will see a lot of hand made flowers on layouts and cards from now on.

Some of the Ladies that were at the retreat asked about the bird cage I started there, well it is on my scrap room wall and looks quite cool, here is a pic of it for you

See what you think..................

The Picture might be as good as it could be, but you get the general idea, and yes the yellow is the colour of my scrap room, nice bright and sunny (even when it's snowing outside)

Till next time

Toodles xx

Friday, September 24, 2010

Well another month is almost over, where has this year gone? it seems no time at all since I "lovingly" pulled down the Christmas tree, rolled up the Christmas Lights (Trev hates it when I roll them haha) and thru everything back into the box to be put back in the cupboard until next time is fast approaching and I havent even thought about my Christmas Cards yet!......have you?

Anyway I procrastinate, I wanted to share this layout with you I have just completed it for this months BAP over at Prima, I loved the sketch challenge this month, Trev thought there were "too many flowers" ................................. but what would he know!!!

I have used 99% Prima and a touch of Basic Grey (the title), and cut some of the flowers from my favourite Die from Tim Holtz ..... if you can get your hands on one Please grab it with both and you will never regret it, I promise you. The possibilities for creating your own wonderful flowers are endless.

So what do you think, I am absolutely falling in love with the new ranges from Prima and have just had a sneaky at the 7 Gypsies as well and am really liking them , have you seen them over at Scrappin Patch, click on the link and go for a look

OK thanks for looking and let me know what you think......

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It seems to have forever since I last "Blogged" but I have been
very busy creating some layouts for upcoming Challenges over at
Scrappin Patch, for after the "STARS" Comp finishes.

However here is a Layout I created recently using the
Basic Grey "Capella" range and of course a little Prima and Tim
on the side never hurts.

The saying says:

What Joys did they feel
What Hardships did they know
What Stories could they tell
I will never know, but
These People hold the Key to my Past
They are My Great Grandparents

All these Goodies are available over at Scrappin Patch

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thought I would share this photo with you today, It is of Our eldest Son
Chris from last saturday night at his awards evening for the Zingari Rugby Club
Chris was the Captain of the Premier team this year and even tho they had a
very poor season, it was good to see him rally the Boys and try and get the best
out of them, they were almost looking at relegation, but managed to win the game
in convincing style to save their place in the Premier grade for next season.
Chris also played his 100th Premier game in May this year.
We are very proud of him and what he has achieved this year and past years
and the Club must have liked the way he lead the team this year as he was awarded the
Team "Player of the Year" trophy and also the Club "Player of the Year" trophy as well.

Prima BAP for August

I am very pleased with the way this layout has come together from the Prima "Build a Page" Sketch for the month of August.

It is a real cool photo of Trev and Emz together and yes the reason they are laughing so naturally is at my expense, but I love it anyway.

I have made the wee green flower from Prima packaging and used Dimond Dust to cover the petals, I have also cut out the butterflies and used clear embossing powder to give their wings a wee lift. I have also used some of the clear packaging with words as an embellishment.
Thanks for looking

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautimus Layout

This layout was for a Challenge over at Scrapbooking By Design. I love how it came together and included all the elements that were required. It is a great Pic of Emz and her best friend Haley
before another big night out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vintage Shabby Layout for Scrappin Patch Comp Aug 10

I really love this Photo of My Mums two Cousins, Imagine having a camera way back then and actually getting this photo. I have handmade the flowers at the bottom using the new Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Die and some handmade paper, the tree is from Dusty Attic and is really a branch that has birds on it I took them off tho and put them on the birdhouse (Kaisercraft) and removed the top layer of them and put them in the Tim Holtz Ornate Plate in the top.
As you can probably guess I love all things from Tim Holtz and Prima

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where do We Begin....

Welcome to my blog, a place where I can show you my latest creations or failures, and hopefully along the way you might just feel inspired to have a go at this wonderful hobby yourself...