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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hi Everyone....

I have exciting news....
I am on the Artfull Crafts Design Team again for another year..Yahoo...crash... bump...ouch!!!
that was me jumping for joy, almost caused an earthquake down this end of the country!
anyway its very exciting to be on the team again and I look forward to bringing some more awesome projects over the next year.
It is always sad to say goodbye to others on DTs that leave but please do keep following the girls and catching up with what they are doing. I have enjoyed working with Jo, Sandy, Tracy, Teresa and Nichole. It was a lot of fun meeting Jo at SENZ and I look forward to further meetings in the future.

This year there is some amazing talent that has joined the team and you can catch up on them by going to their blogs below  for a lookie...but remember to come back and visit me as well from time to time

Michelle McArthur
Lydia Wiley
Sharon Newport
Melissa Vining
Valou (Valerie) Allard
Christine Bonifacio
Betsy Clark
Lisa Ryder
Beck Caithness
Lowri McNabb
Viv Laursen
Diana Steven
Vicki Morris
Juanita Patrick
Shirley Towan

Please do go leave these ladies some love and hopefully if you do you might just win a prize from
Liz @ Artfull Crafts

Ok better go and get the cards ready for class on Thursday (yep ME...I'm taking a card class lol...they have no idea what they are in for!)

Till next time
Take Care and Happi Scrappin'