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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland....

seems for ever since I was on here but honestly the time has gotten away from me
so a quick catch up and then we should be back in the "zone"

June - found out we are going to be Grandparents - first Grandie - very exciting due in November so guess there will be quite a few little girl layouts in the future
July - Had amazing classes at SENZ and again was well supported by my helpers
Sharon, Emma on the stall, Trevor (my superhero) and of course the amazing Keri
the classes all went well and hopefully the Ladies all went away happy with almost finished projects
Am busy thinking and working on next years ones and I promise they will be better than any previous!

August - We took all the kids to America and created havoc at the theme parks - Disneyland and Universal, went to Mexico for a day trip and took in the sights of LA on a day tour which included some Stars houses.....I kept wondering are they really these peoples houses and are the stories the driver is telling us completely true or have they been "embellished" a bit
We even made it to Santa Monica and got to stroll along the Pier - I must admit I was a little in withdrawal and kept thinking there's a Michaels just up that hill and round the corner but we weren't there for scrapbook shopping we were there to create some wonderful memories and that we certainly did......amazing how every Restaurant bill  had more alcohol expenses than food! but then those Sangrias were pretty delicious

The Bells hit Disneyland
 Trevor and his mate Goofy
 Mike Sherie and Baby makes 3
 Emz and Jayden
 Chris Anna and of course Goofy
 California Land....nup didn't do the roller coaster in the background (Sherie and I are not that stupid!)but all the others did and some did it twice

Sept - have just finished class and thoroughly enjoyed how everyone's layouts looked so different
this month there was a Female and a Male version - the Male version appeared to be more popular to begin with but then the Female one took over. We were using the latest papers from Kaiser ...for the Men it was Barber Shoppe Collection and the Ladies was Mademoiselle...both amazing collections
 found a couple of nice photos of myself so thought about time I did a "Robbi" layout
and I do love this set of photos of Trev and Goofy so had to use them

Oct - for the next class we are making a Mini Album....very girly and pretty so not manly at all but hey like I always say the first one is a sample so if you had any good weathered paper you could create a nice male one for Xmas or just as a nice thank you gift

Ok that's it for about now but if you are going to be in Christchurch for the Labour weekend break and feel like a bit of scrapping then go online to Scrap n Chat and register we are creating 2 layouts on the Friday night (time permitting) and mixed media goodies on the Saturday....not to many place left in either class so don't wait to long
Until next time
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'