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Monday, October 18, 2010

Well Hello, after a very busy weekend at the Christchurch Charity Crop I have come home to put my feet up and have a wee snooze....................not likely there is too much scrappin too be finished and started!. The crop was amazing and a whole lotta fun, for those that booked and never turned up, I'm sure you would have really enjoyed the day. I know I had a heap of fun and I'm sure the flower making went down really well, so i think we will see a lot of hand made flowers on layouts and cards from now on.

Some of the Ladies that were at the retreat asked about the bird cage I started there, well it is on my scrap room wall and looks quite cool, here is a pic of it for you

See what you think..................

The Picture might be as good as it could be, but you get the general idea, and yes the yellow is the colour of my scrap room, nice bright and sunny (even when it's snowing outside)

Till next time

Toodles xx

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