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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Books going on a Road Trip....

I am taking my little book on a road trip to Christchurch for the Ladies up there to make,
I am doing this on the 11th June and hopefully the Christchurch ladies will enjoy making it as much as all the ones down south have.
This will be happening at Scrappin Patch Headquarters and should start around 10am, you will not leave without the book being completed (unless you need to or want to!) as I really don't believe in ladies paying for and attending a class and going home with a bag full of nothing and tossing it in the corner, at least finish it before you do that!
Cover to cover there are 12 pages and each one a whole lot different to the last and you will learn a couple of little tricks along the way as well

So if you would like to come along and make this we honey, please let Adrienne know, she will be organising all the finer details on Tuesday after the big trip south for the weekend, and they should be up on the SP forum then.

You will not need anything other than normal goodies, tape, glue, scissors, and sepia ink (only to save you waiting) but everything else apart from photos is supplied, oh and a sense of humour is a must

The more the merrier.....

Happy Scrappin

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