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Monday, August 1, 2011


Yawn ,Yawn, Stretch,Stretch, Scratch, Scratch and Yawn, Stretch and Scratch again....
I am here and am now out of hibernation well thats what it feels like anyway!
I have been told by quite a few people that I havent been around much lately,
and I sincerely apologise the weeks have really just escaped me and you know with today being
the 1st of August its only 4 months till Christmas (thats about 16 weeks incase you missed it)!!!

I have been very busy over the last couple of months taking classes and even a little holiday
I will be back over the next couple of days with some photos of the Holiday and incase you would like to see, I will make sure I have one of the Monkey that took a liking to boobs and I think she decided that mine were better than hers and she was guna have them, but anyway thats a story for another day, I will also be back with some photos of the layouts we have made in the classes I have been teaching and hopefully some sneak peeks of the book that was made yesterday by the lovely Balclutha Ladies and is being finished this friday by the Dunedin Ladies, (it really is quite neat and I love how the papers compliment each other....we used the 7 Gypsies Lille line) and I think the Ladies all loved the book and enhoyed the process of creating theirs....well I hope so anyway!

Ok thats it for now..........dont sit up and wait for the nect installment, it might not happen until Thursday.

Take Care and Hapi Scrappin

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