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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hi Everyone out there in the Big Wide World....

Don't Worry or Panic...its only me ... You Know ... Robbi!
Oh come on it hasn't been that long.....Has it???

Anyway I am inspired...I have cleaned my Room (Photos to follow) and am ready to embark on the next adventure...Actually I already have......I am lucky enough to have been asked by Liz from Artfull Crafts if I would teach a couple of classes at SENZ this year in Auckland.....WOW!!! Me teaching @ SENZ unbelievable aye! all those years ago when Emz and I attended our first SENZ in Christchurch I never dreamed for a second that one day I could be teaching there.
I have already made the prototypes for the classes and they are (if  I say so myself) gorgeous!
I am teaching a couple of OTP items and hopefully the Ladies that come along to class will enjoy the process of creating them.

Also recently I have been busy with the new Needle and Thread collection from Kaisercraft, I couldn't decide what to do with it but wanted to be more creative than just making a layout so thought letz use a canvas and see where that takes us....well the Ladies that saw the finished article in person at the Donna Downey Classes over the weekend in Timaru seemed to like it...what do you think?

... and I felt that adventurous that I made a card... no where up to Miss Betsy's standard from Artfull Crafts but I am pretty happy with it anyway

Ok so here is the clean tidy room from all angles so you don't just think I chucked it all in a corner and only tidied one bit...don't look outside the door lol

Nice tidy computer area and now I can get at the big shot and cricut when required, which will be very soon while I am cutting the many hundreds of pieces for each kit for SENZ! but its all good fun

Not that you can really see but all the pizza boxes are named by Company and are supposed to have only that product in each one, unfortunately that's not always what happens

 What is that a big bag of flowers .... not full enough tho I seemed to have bought a lot lately but used them all, might have to crack out the credit card again

see all my punches in the baskets and the stickles and inks are hiding up the top

Ok that's it for this blog post. I will be back I promise with some layouts that we have been creating at class and maybe even some of the sketch kit ones...I am a little behind at getting them ready this month lucky we are not having class until after Queens Birthday so I have an extra week up my sleeve.
Until then
Happi Scrappin


  1. Fantastic projects Robbi, as were the sneak peeks at the weekend. Your SENZ students are in for a treat. Don't think your scrap room will be orderly for too long with all the prep you are about to do so good luck with that. Lovely to catch up at the weekend.

  2. Thanks Dianne
    just hope the classes panicking a little about would be kinda embarrassing lol
    no the scrap room does not look like that even now..after preparing for the next round of classes here in Dunners and clutha.
    was good to catch up with you and Jo again and the other Ladies