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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Phew!!!....I survived....SENZ...not so sure about the plane ride home tho...

But I must admit I loved every second of it and was a bit sad on Sunday morning when realised it was all going to be over in a few hours.
I thoroughly enjoyed the time teaching the 2 classes (Kaisercraft Door Album and Exploding Box) and Ok at times it was hard for the some of the Ladies to get their heads around the instructions but we got there in the end, and while the classes were predominately for experienced scrappers those that weren't held their own and I think at the end of the day were reasonably happy with their efforts.
Although as those of you that come to my classes know, I hate anyone leaving without a finished project, but with the time frame we had it was inevitable this was going to happen.

I was a bit naughty and after the 1st class told the ladies (well they swore black and blue they would finish) that if anyone bought their finished door album back to me the following morning they would score a little prize...One lady took up the challenge and so she was the winner.

But more exciting was the fact that this Young Lady came to both my Door Album and  Exploding Box classes (having hardly ever done any crafting before!) and then bought her finished box to the airport to show me before I flew home...and all I can say is WOW

This is Beverley Giles from Waipukurau and I was so very happy to have her, her Daughter (Joy) and GrandDaughter (Jen) in both my classes, they were a true pleasure to teach, and Ok they helped Bev finish her box so she could take it home for show and tell at Womens Institute.
Well Done Beverley...I am very proud of you!

I look forward to having you in my classes again (if Liz invites me back next year)

also thanks to Judith and Angela from Timaru  and Noeline, Margaret and Keri from Dunners for making me feel at home and coming along to the was awesome to have you guys there.

NOW...the plane ride home
I was in row 29 Isle seat D...yay Im thinking no-one is beside me as the plane starts filling up and doesn't look like there's many people left to Im already in planning mode, guna put on my beats, play angry birds, put my feet up and chillax on the way home...
In came James and Simon.
To Simon I was "Love" to James I was "the Old Duck"
think I would like to be somewhere in the middle! lol
James is a varsity student in our wonderful city and Simon is a apprentice carpenter in Auckland
they had been at a friends 21st Birthday Bash in Auckland and Simon was coming home for the week
They went paintballing for part of the party...and yes I saw the bruises all over James (he wasn't shy at showing me!)
However I'm not sure what the Jetstar policy is on allowing intoxicated people on a plane, but letz just say I think these 2 likely lads were very lucky I was sitting beside them. Not because Im being big headed or anything but because I am tolerant  (I do work with 12 other Males! and have 2 Sons)
so Boys out for a good time I don't have a problem once again they were lucky. I would like to say tho that the people sitting around me were not exactly happy at the situation but did anyone say anything NO, did anyone offer any help I made the best of a bad situation and decided I would do what I could to keep them out of trouble.
I think I was able to keep them under control a little and while they weren't allowed any more alcohol, (to which the stewardess got a few angry sentiments hurled at her, ) I kept them talking and even had to listen to James new headphones....he just got them off One Day, I think the Old Duck surprised them by knowing the Rhianna and Snoopp Dogg songs he put on for me to listen to...maybe not so much the "Old Duck" as the "Young Chick"...well in my thoughts anyway
so while abusing the hostess for not supplying beer, (instead they were given copious amounts of water, all of which got simutaneoulsy tipped on the floor )...a conversation could be heard like this
James:- You got a Daughter
Me:- Yes I have
James:- Is she hot
Me:- Yes she is
James:- how old is she
Me:- almost 23
James:- is she free
Me:- No shes not
James:- would like me as your Daughters partner
Me:- Really???
Simon:- Churrrrrrrrr

By this time Simon has looked at his phone (I checked it wasn't on airplane mode) at least 10times and each time its only 4mins since he last looked, to which all he could say was I need beer
to which he constantly pushed the call button for the hostess until I got sick of that and was slapping his hand down...I'm not sure if she realised that I saved her a lot of walking and abuse lol
anyway on the floor along with the water was McDonalds Sweet and Sour sauce and Nuggets
it was never going to end well when Simon was trying to balance the sauce on one knee and the nugget box on the this when they fell out came another Churrrrrr

Anyway as they said as we were all leaving the back of the plane
WE ARE THE which I replied laughing GOD HELP US ALL
so to James and Simon thanks you for being my "inflight entertainment" and should I fly with you again sometime in the future please sit in a different row!

Until Next Time....Churrrrr!
Happi Scrappin'


  1. Oooh Robbie that had me in stitches, they definitely scored the right travelling companion, most people would have had a fit.And yes you are definitely more of a "young chick".
    See you Saturday.

  2. YAY - Joy Beverley's daughter) is my husband's Aunt!
    Bet you didn't know that Robbi!!
    Was great to see you at SENZ :-)