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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Almost March!!!....No Way!

Hey Everyone in Scrappyland
What Ya been up to? well I think somewhere between December and Feb I must still be tucked up in my duvet covers and mountains of pillows dreaming of being on a warm beach with copious amounts of free cocktails and men at my beck and call......ahh don't wake me up!

But instead its into reality and its almost March... The month where our Middle Son is getting Married, he is now in his late 20's and is finally ready to settle down after finding a very special partner in Sherie. Im sure photos will follow so you can all see how wonderful they look and me well I'm wearing a dress....Yes a dress actually a Anna Stretton dress and its gorgeous and I have vintage type shoes and a fascinator...oh yes that's right its not about me its about the Kids getting Married
Then of course later in the Year ...(October) Chris and Anna are set to get Married as well so a year full of weddings in the Bell Household.

But there is other exciting news on the horizon as well...but you will have to keep an eye out and watch this space for further news.....oh what could it be??? And no I'm not going to be a GRANDMOTHER

Anyway I procrastinate  to much....the reason for my blog update (finally) is to show you the last class we had in Dunedin and tell you about the new upcoming one, the 1st weekend of March for Dunedin Ladies and the 2nd weekend for the Balclutha Ladies.

here is a  little pics of the last class we had. It was to honour ourselves and set ourselves some "Goals" for 2014 with the intention of coming back later in the year and ticking the boxes.

this shows one of the little folders that was to house your Goals and then put in pics to verify the outcome....totally a personal diary.
This is a very special cake that my very good friend Sharon Milford made me for my Birthday. It was delicious and was a shame to cut into it....but trust me it didn't take long to demolish lol
Anyway Sharon is making Mike and Sherie's Wedding cake so watch this space once again its guna be a masterpiece!
Now onto our bad news for the year,
 Pip must of gotten a bee sting or spider bite
and it has given her a real bad allergic reaction. Her face swelled up and closed over her eye and she was just miserable, so after repeated trips to the vet and numerous amounts of injections and very strong antibiotics she is finally coming right is now 3 weeks  

this is what we are left with after the 3 weeks and it looks very sore and she doesn't like it being touched....understandable I think! she also absolutely hates her photos being taken so I had to sneak up on her while she was sleeping.....her eyes are open so I didn't do a very good job aye... lol

Isn't is a bit sad in our wonderful industry that so many scrap shops are having to move on or close as the world gets a little closer in everyone being able to purchase goods from overseas and sometimes a little cheaper than we can buy it personally from the NZ shops....I suppose it is a inevitable situation.

Ok that's it for this blog post keep a watchful eye out for early next week as I will bring you some sneaky's of the upcoming card class early March and some information if you would like a kit or join us at either class. Liz from Artfull Crafts is also bringing down her "Pop Up" shop for the day so there will be plenty of goodies around.
Until Then...
Happi Scrappin"

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