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Friday, November 26, 2010

Ok....So I admit it....I'm a..........

Ok so I admit it, I'm a Scrapaholic and I drink too much............ well I didn't actually think I had a problem, but after a visit to the Dr's last week (for my annual 4yearly checkup....he actually said to me "Well either you don't get sick much or your scared of me" you know he says all this while resting his "Dr" hand on my knee, I do always try and sit in the furthermost away chair but his has wheels and he comes closer and closer! you know why I dont go much....but I did need more drugs for my back and the Nurse wouldn't give me a another script unless I saw the Doc,
hence my visit, which as it turns out wasn't exactly working in my favour!)
Apparently I drink far too much COFFEE and that is apparently the problem, once again I don't see it as a problem, what really is wrong with having one at 5.30am and then having a continuous cup while scrappin until bedtime usually around 11pm....ok so maybe there are a few I could cut out, but WHY? The Doc informed me I would be much better dropping some coffees and having GREEN TEA..................GREEN TEA! what the hell is green tea I said, does that come in the form of a coffee jar and have "Moccona" on the label, cos if it doesn't then this gal ain't drinking it!
Well just try it he said.....................he must have thought Ha! I have her here now lets tell her she needs a blood which I replied "What the hell for" I'm not sick...ok i have a problem, apparently i drink too much coffee but does that really require a blood test....I don't think so! he wants to check my liver (its fine its pickled from the over excessive amount of wine I also drink) he wants to check my cholesterol (its fine, its not like I eat a lot of takeaways...oh hang on yes i do! na its fine) he wants to check my Kidneys (they are fine, they go hand in hand with my liver) and a heap of other things, when he tried to hand me the form I said "No thanks" I'm feeling fine, Maybe (definitely)a kilo or 5 overweight (due to the takeaways and the heavy drinking I suspect!) but feeling fine and your not going to send me for a blood test to find something and tell me I will only have a matter of weeks to live...........cos that's what happens, people go to the Dr feeling just a little off colour and then wham the next thing they are drinking up a storm cos they have been told (via a blood test....) that they have cancer or heart disease or whatever and they better sort out their priorities cos it will all be over theory is cut out the middle man (the Doc), drink eat and be merry and scrap away to your little hearts content and if and when your time comes then so be it..................Anyway I was sidetracked.........
I found some GREEN TEA Yesterday and thought Ok I will try this for one day,
Verdict:- I don't like it!!! I woke up this morning feeling yuck and like I was it possible to drink too much GREEN TEA, I think so! the box had 25 tea bags and now theres only 17 least I know where I stand with my trusty cup of "Moccona" its my inspiration for scrappin, if I hit a wall and can't find that idea in my grey matter then a cup always sorts out the brainwaves and puts everything back in place and off we go again,
GREEN TEA and DOCTORS are the only 2 things that should be taken in very "little" moderation!
So while I have my 4th cup this morning and think about the scrappin day ahead, I will think more about the Blood Test form that is on the side of my fridge, But I will win...............

Hope you have a great weekend and get lots of scrappin done
Toodles xx

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