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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Poor Little Blog.....

I promise not to ignore you again....................but I have to go and do some luxing, wash some clothes and have a general tidy up after what has been a week from hell!. Everything was planned and put into organised days of what was going to happen last week as I had scrap classes to cut and pack for, kits that had to be finished and Layouts that had to be uploaded and then out of the blue we get a call, to be told that Trev's Dad's Wife (not Trev's Mum) had collapsed at the doors of Dunedin Hospital (while visiting) with Pulmonary Embolism we sat with her for 3 days and nights and she finally slipped away on Thursday morning at 5.30am so then we had to help organise the funeral and because we live in Dunedin and they live in Bluff (Southland) there was a huge amount of travel involved and a lot of very late nights! so all the plans I have set in motion for last week very quickly went out the window.... She was only 58! So little blog I will be back soon and I hopefully will have some goodies to share with everyone

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