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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My "Babies" Birthday Today.....

Where has the time gone, 24 years ago Michael was born at 8.45pm. The Dr warned me that he had an awards ceremony to go to that night and didn't want to have to leave to deliver my baby, so if I could please either hold on or not bother until the next day it would be good.......Well

he missed the Pre-Dinner drinks but he did come to deliver Mike in his Tux, and his hair was all spiky and he smelled good .... mmmmm the things you remember aye! Chris wasn't so lucky as John had been in the garden when he got the call Chris was coming so he arrived in his singlet, rugby shorts and gumboots and smelled like compost! and Young Miss Emz well he came straight from his practice so he had to be dressed reasonably well and I cant remember what he smelled like (lol)

Anyway Mike is 24 today, he is living in the Gold Coast with his awesome Girlfriend Sherie and they are coming home next weekend for a very quick trip (we are allocated Sunday afternoon, but not too much of Sunday afternoon as it might break into the drinking time and catching up with Mates time!!!) Nevertheless I am looking forward to a hug and seeing him in real not just nicking photos off facebook and scrapping them.

Here is a layout I have previously done this is using 7 Gypsies paper and lots of wee roses and of course some Prima, they were off to a race meeting here on Melbourne Cup day and looked wonderful all dressed up

Thanks for looking and have a great week

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