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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey There Everyone in Scrappyland....

What's New?
...Well I have a little news ...not much just a little
here's the last months class layout we created, it was very exciting to see how everyone that came along attacked the layout, some were of themselves others of family members and others of children and everyone was so totally different it was amazing.
It was wonderful to have the Ladies from Timaru come down to Dunedin for the day and I think they enjoyed the class
we had a lot of laughs (as we do) and a lot of stories were told but then that is part and parcel of a bunch of like minded ladies getting together.

so heres the layout we used Graphic 45 - Couture line
this layout is the first one I have created using some of the 682 photos I managed to "obtain" from the wedding. There is so many layers to it but you cant really see that from the pic.
here is the top tight hand corner and there is about 5 layers to this!
Ok now its time for me to show some of the Family pics from Mike and Sheries wedding, it was a truly amazing day and I loved every minute of it. Although i must confess I  did not wear the Anna Stretton dress - I wore a really nice black dress and silver jacket/coat very high shoes and even had my legs tanned (another story for another day...) Trev even scrubbed up here you are

 Final moments as a free man!
 Mikes Tie - this is called the Eldridge Knot
 Hey Guess What......We're Married!
 Jackie and Myself ....looking stunning (lol)
 Chris and Anna - they are next
 Jackie, Trev Myself and Brian (Jackie and Brian are Trevs Brother and his Wife)
 The Happy Couple away for Photos
 A private moment between Mum and Son
 Mike photo bombing the girls photo
 Very proud Parents of the Groom
Photo shoot time 
 Come on Chris its Photo time...doesn't look happy aye?
 Trev's Monaro as one of the wedding cars
 Mike, Dan, Euan and of course Sammy
 Chris deep in thought....who does he look like sitting there all "royal" like
 Michael! what do you mean your wearing the pants in this relationship???
 Emma and Jayden
 The Rings seal the deal
 Amazing Wedding Cake made by my awesome friend Sharon Milford complete with super hero cake toppers
Sharon and Steve Milford
Ok so that's it for this blog post, hopefully sometime in the next week I will be receiving my papers for the Marion Smith class which is scheduled for the 1st weekend in May....however things are not looking good and I might have to transfer the class to the 2nd weekend, fingers crossed this wont happen but cant help things that are out of our control.
Ok back to creating the goodies for SENZ and I must admit the classes are looking really really exciting and I cant wait for July to come round....however before that Trev and I are away to Auckland after Easter for the V8 Supercars and that is so super exciting I almost cant wait. I will blog some pics from it in the week after and let you know about the Next class at the same time
Until Then - Take Care and
Happi Scrappin'

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