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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Super Awesome Unforgettable Weekend!!!

Hey there everyone in Scrappyland
all I can say is WOW what a weekend at this years Creative Adventure Downunder Retreat in Auckland run by Jodi Tomlin and Michele Widdows. The tutors were Teresa Collins, Joey Otlo along with Trina McClune and who could forget the very elegant Ladies from graphic 45 Dianne Schultz and her amazing daughter Aimee. You know when you get a vision of how you expect someone to look or talk or dress etc etc well that was how the Graphic 45 Girls were....
Just Perfect! Dianne with her pearls, hat, black clothes and Aimee with her little hat and spotted blouse PERFECT!

The projects were amazing however my pet hate is Ladies leaving class with unfinished projects and that happened to many of us....the Project life class...yes I did it and didn't escape to the bar,  held its own and I can see after having a go at it that the idea has merit and is in itself a great way of scrapping a lot of photos on one subject in a hurry and with a little embellishing can be made to look quite spectacular...(Mine is not finished!).
The 2 Graphic 45 classes were really amazing and totally up my alley as I love OTP and the wee box and book were fun to make. The tutors were amazing with little hints and tricks along the way and the class prizes they gave out were mind blowing.
Joeys classes were very cool and I loved the travel journal, as I can see it has potential for other themes, however the layout was a little "simple" but I think once I get some goods together and put the "Robbi" factor to it I will be more happy with the finished project but hey that's what its all about ....taking something and changing it to suit yourself and your likes.
Trinas Class was very good except for the fact she got a little ill and she herself didn't enjoy the class but she struggled through and the Ladies were all very happy with their projects, once again some very simple but effective layouts done quickly and effectively. I loved the one with all the circles....finally got to do a layout on Trev's biking expeditions!

I am not putting up pics of them today as I haven't finished so you will have to wait to next week, as am hopefully going to finish them over the weekend.
But here is some of my fav pics from the weekend...It is super awesome when you can meet and talk to your idols in the business and now I have fulfilled mine over the last few years meeting Tim Holtz at the Brisbane Expo and now the Graphic 45 Ladies...could it get any better?......Yep I have a secret!

The Southern Girls with Teresa Collins - Denise Curtain, Sharon Milford, TC, Janine Shaw and of course Me
Aimee, Me and Dianne (yep first name basis lol) the amazing Elegant Ladies from Graphic 45
TC n Me (Whoever took this pic must have had the shakes, but its the best one I've got lol)

Joey Otlo from Bazzill Basics and Me (an amazing lady and just so friendly)

and of course NZ's very own Trina McClune, this pic was after we had practiced the perfect way to have a pic taken...then we gave up lol

Who else but Elvis and Priscilla have entered the building. Was heaps of fun to dress up with Sharon and I'm not sure to many people recognised me - Perfect!

this was my Pin for the "Make a Pin" competition
as many of you know I love the steampunk era so loved creating this little honey.
Ok that's it for today.....remember the SENZ classes go on sale tomorrow, check out my classes and if you like them book in and I will hopefully see you between the 4th and 6th July.
Until Then
Take Care and Happi Scrappin'

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  1. Looks like a fantastic time had by all. Look forward to seeing your creations. Elvis and Pricilla looked awesome.