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Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey Everyone in Scrappyland
just a quick update on the SENZ progress......if your booked into a class or ordered a kit
Don't Panic....I'm doing enough of that for all of us because once the pallet is loaded and sent its out of my come on lets face it, if a woman was in control it would get to the Ellerslie
Events Centre be unpacked and all in its place ready to go by next Thursday....however I think the Truck driver is a male....should I be worried (probably!)
ANYWAY...what will be will be.....'Que Sera Sera'

If all goes according to plan the pallet will arrive safe and sound and be waiting for us at a friends warehouse so we can unload and upload to have everything sorted....Nup we are all in good hands...Trevs on the case...see below

Trev had a good system going creating all the resin frames for the Wall Art Class
he was getting one ready to pour as soon as the previous one was dry!

And while he was creating the resins I was busy "cupping" the 3x4 ATC papers for the Wall Art kits
you can see some of the resins in the cups along with flowers....
It really doesn't matter how much organising you put into something....something always goes pear shaped and some of the flowers haven't arrived yet, so looks like there will be extra bags of flowers travelling on the lane next week with us.
Anyway hope you are all well and getting your scrapping kits together and ready for SENZ and hopefully I will see you there, please come say "hello"
Until Then
Take Care and
Happi Scrappin

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