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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yahoo! I'm a finalist for the ...

Can you see me.....I'm doing a happy happy dance!!! Jumping up and down and getting totally immersed in thinking:-
What papers will they send me to play with?
I wonder what photos will work?
Oh My Gosh...what am I going to create?
starts all over again
However when Stephanie from Kaisercraft  contacted me on the 27th May and told me I was one of the finalists and said they were sending a packet of papers (not yet released....oh I love sneaky's) and that I should receive it within the week and have all creations uploaded to the blog by last FRIDAY
for final judging...I thought yep sure no problem, got it sorted and was ready and waiting for the courier guy...well the week was courier guy meant no parcel...lost in transit
So yep hurried emails back and forth and they very kindly sent me another arrived on Tuesday (just past) and now have to have my goodies uploaded by this FRIDAY.
The papers are totally gorgeous and I couldn't believe how cool one set was....but cant share that yet
you will have to come back tomorrow and check out what I was able to create in a short period of time....but as many of you know I don't scrap fast and I change my mind like a million times
before glue and paper I'm thinking even I will be surprised with what get created...maybe those "helpful Scrappin Fairies" in the corner of my scrap room will help....Not a good week to loose mojo!
Along with finalizing all the kits for SENZ which have to be on the freight on Monday/Tuesday at the latest to get to Auckland in time and then there's class tomorrow night here in Dunedin and Sunday in Balclutha......................I'm sure the Kaiser entry will come up just fine!
So Please wish me luck
and keep your fingers crossed I can come up with something deserving of the papers!
Until Tomorrow...
Happi Scrappin'


  1. So excited for you-the very best of wishes for the next round. You are going to be one very busy lady.

  2. GO ROBBI!! You can do it. Good luck - can't wait to see what you create!

  3. Awesome news Robbi.. Look forward to seeing your creations.

  4. you can do it Robbi of luck