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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hey Everyone in Scrappyland
Humble apologies for my lack of blogging this year....actually there goes my new years resolution and I definitely did not conquer that one!!! I might have had more luck at loosing weight, giving up drinking coffee (ok wine!) cooking more etc etc, but hey has anyone actually succeeded at new years resolutions....I don't think so
Anyway a catch up since August...
We went to Sydney for a few days, we haven't been there for quite a few years but you know apart from some new buildings and a few new restaurants nothing seems to change. Love their transport system it is so easy to get from A to B, and yes even I could find my way if I had to especially when I was almost left on the platform after the others all run for the train and I was a bit slow almost got caught in the doors.....laugh was on the train tho, cos I would of done more damage to the doors than it would of done to me! Sherie came over with us for the few days as a surprise to Mike and Yes he was surprised but it was great spending time with them both, eating sightseeing and of course a little drinking (had to be done!) It was our 31st wedding anniversary and Trevs 51st birthday while we were there and hey the All Blacks beat Aussie 51 - 20 so good times all round.
Sherie's 1st visit to Sydney...A huge surprise for Mike

Birdcage alley in central Sydney....every different kind of birdcage you could imagine!
ferry ride from Circular Key to Darling Harbour

 nothing like being on holiday!

Manly Beach

 Ritchie McCaw congratulating Trev on his Birthday (actually after match speech on tv)
from our visit to the Taronga Zoo....nice pic aye (got it off a poster, cos the lions were no where to be seen!)

Almost home time, walking down the main street before heading to the airport

Sept was a very busy month with putting final things together for Chris and Anna's know all those last minute things that cant really be done till the last minute, its not like they were going to a place that was all set for weddings so walk in walk out scenario it was at Chris Rugby club and was very casual, infact up until an hour before the wedding we weren't sure if it was going to be inside or out, Trev made the final decision and had everything organised so the Bride could walk down the aisle not having known the lead up to her doing that.
Anyway onto the wedding...
It was very casual like I said everyone was just standing round and gathered closer for the nuptials. Hydro Chris's black lab was also in the wedding party as the ring bearer and I must say he did a wonderful job and was a very good boy.
The boys Chris had as his men have been good friends since school and were a great choice, the girls Anna had were school friends of hers as well as her Sister Claire ( Claire was a treat and made a wonderful speech at the "Breakfast")
The wedding went off without a hitch and the evening progressed as planned.
The next day was taken up with being at the venue at 10am cranking up the BBQ and getting all the drinks etc out and ready for the crowd to arrive, Annas Mum and ladies made salads etc and I stayed well clear from any kitchen jobs...infact I found a seat had a drink and tried to watch Bathurst on my phone, thank god my friend Noeline kept me up to date with the racing throughout the day.....Yes I know who gets married on Bathurst weekend? obviously someone who doesn't like car racing but anyway that was the date they chose so had to live with it ....put on my big girl panties, smiled politely and just had another drink!
It was however a long day from 10am till 10pm - incase you didn't realise the Bells and associates are never the first to leave a party so the day wore into night we did end up at Thai Hanoi for a late dinner tho and then home to bed.
To the friends and family of ours that travelled for the wedding THANK YOU it was awesome spending time with you all although the time does fly by and I don't think I sat in one place for longer than 5mins so I apologise if I didn't get to talk to you to long....but we will catch up.
Trev giving Chris a pep talk.....ok then maybe not
Time to go boys....looking very nice

The Boys all dressed up and rearing to go. Chris, Jamie Riordan, Willie and Mitchell Lake and Garth Swan
looking a little sombre

 Hydro sporting the collar and tie I made him, the rings were tied to the top
Saying "I Do"


Mike and Me

The 3 of us and Hydro
Emz and Jayden....nice photo

2 New Daughters in law and of course Photo bombing Trev in the background!

Getting sorted for the dreaded "Family Photos"

Yep there you go the dreaded "family Photo"

Nice photo except Anna's not looking

Old Mrs Bell with newest Mrs Bell

Look out girls...I have set the standard you have to live up to now looking after my Boys!

All the Bell girls - Emz, Myself, Anna Jac, and Sherie

Look out Calendar girls you might have competition!

                                                                             Cutting the awesome cake

With the cake maker, Sharon Milford
what an amazing job she did creating the ppl and the trophy and yep the bottom layer was lollie cake and extremely yummi...well the little bit I got was yummi! and of course one layer was Gluten Free for those that suffer from having to be GF free and it was yummi 2.

Ok so that's it for now I promise to be back later this week with updated photos of  the last classes and maybe a sneaky of next months one.
Until then
Take Care and
Happi Scrapping

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