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Monday, August 18, 2014

Well its finally happened...

  Yep that's right....I cleaned up my scrap room!!!
I never knew I had so much stuff, you know how it happens...come on I know you agree with me ... that "Special" piece of paper or embellie you have to keep for a layout, card or OTP that requires that "Special" item you have kept for god knows how long ....well I found I must have a million of those just particular items.
So after culling (god I sound like a farmer) a whole lot of special pieces I now feel like I can start again! that not how it works?
Anyway I had a good cleanout changed the room round, went to Briscoes sale yesterday, bought overkill on plastic containers and now have the room as I want it......However Trev said (now its in writing so it must be true...) that I can have the much longed for Butchers Block with cubbies, and racks etc etc and a top for scrapping but it will have to be on wheels as I don't like scrapping in my room... I like the lounge , the kitchen, the ....well any room with other mortals that I can annoy with my constant chatting, humming, singing etc etc
Apparently I am the only person in the universe with over 500 punches.....(a slight exaggeration I think) and then the question comes "what the heck do you do with them all....they are all the same! then he says I'm going to ask the Ladies next year at SENZ how many punches do they all have and what do they use them Ladies get counting!
and the ones you have as extras incase the first one breaks is only counted as 1 (lol)

so here is the before and after pics of the room...more carpet space now

Old Room....

Bit messy aye!....but I could find everything

 Nice new room...
.check out the holder for the could I possibly have 500+ in there lol
very tidy and everything in its place just have to make sure I clean up after each lot of scrapping or kitting so it stays tidy!
Ok that's it short and sweet Trevor and Myself are away to Sydney for a long weekend (well that's what it was supposed to be ) but its turned into a week, Mike is flying down on Thursday to join us for the few days and then he leaves on Monday back to the Gold Coast when we do so will be great fun to catch up and spend some time....hey the V8's are on in Sydney this coming weekend as well... so you know we might end up there for a day....would be rude not to
and I suppose we should be finding a bar somewhere to watch the 2nd Bledisloe Cup game ....however the All Blacks better play a hell of a lot better than they did this last weekend.
Until Next Time
Take Care and Happi Scrappin


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