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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm early, "Yahoo" I'm early for a change with the BAP for January for Prima normally I am running late and finally get to upload it on the 2nd last day and never know if they make it in time, so my motto for this year is "Be Early" Ok Ok so we are 16 days into the new year and this is the first time I have been early for anything, give me time... Rome wasn't built in a day (well it might of been had a woman been in charge!)
Anyway this Prima challenge was quite fun as I really love clusters and this was right up my little alley. Prima has some wonderful sketches to lift for their challenges but sometimes just sometimes there are some that look very similiar.................or is that just me.

Its not very often that Trev and I get a reasonable photo of us "together" so this is a treat and even better it was taken by Emz and was one of the many she managed to snap on Christmas day.

Hope you are all have had a wonderful weekend and maybe even had some time for a little scrappin!

Toodles xx

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