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Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year Leap......Wasn't Pretty...............But.............I did It!

Hello, here are some photos to prove I completed the Kawarau Bungy just outside of Queenstown it is only 43m high but once your standing on the bridge it feels like a whole lot more!!! As one of the Bungy employees tried to prize my very tight grip from the hand piece, one finger at a time, the other young man edged me forward closer and closer to the edge until finally there was no room left and the only way out of this situation was down! Unfortunately it wasn't pretty and I'm sure I let rip with a string of obscenities to my Eldest Darling Son who gave this to me for Christmas last year (being 2009) and its taken this long to get up the courage to use it.

Anyway it was good and an unbelievable feeling of falling , but boy you should see the bruises from the harness around my legs, not down at my ankles but up further, now that is impressive. But hey the little harness and straps had a whole lotta weight to hold up until I managed to crawl into the waiting boat below (now thats a whole lot of different photos as there was definitely nothing elegant about being ceremoniously dumped into the boat!)
I still do think the Tower of Terror in Aussie is a lot worse tho, so if your down the Queenstown way and feel like throwing yourself off a bridge....go for it!!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check my blog
hope everyone has a wonderful 2011 and we all get a lot of scrappin finished!
Toodles XX


  1. OMG You are so Brave!!!

  2. woo hoo - go you!!!!

    As for me ... nope ... not in this lifetime!!!