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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Technology and Me dont mix well!!!

I wrote up a post not long after SENZ had photos and everything
and have just realised it didn't POST!
Trevor reckons and tells me on quite a regular basis that I should stay away from anything electronic because as soon as I get my hands on it the gremlins come out and everything goes haywire....things move, things get deleted, things get added, just things happen!
A huge thank you to Keri and Trevor for being my Girl and Man Friday and yep in the Botanical Tea Mini Album class  "he was RIGHT" (thought I would put that in for those of you that know what its about)
SENZ was so much fun and both Trevor and Myself thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I have already planned my classes for next year....but its a secret lets just say they will be heaps of fun! A couple of different options are rattling round in the old grey matter, however before all that happens we have AE in Taupo. I have only ever been to Taupo once and that was for a very  quick visit with a group of friends we had lunch and then drove back to Rotorua so I am really looking forward to seeing what the area has to offer.
The classes I will be teaching are going to be "not for the light hearted" but will be cool when finished, and there might even be a card class.

Anyway here is a few photos from my SENZ experience

getting the tables ready.....
For those that know me well you will know that Presentation to me is everything and there is nothing better than walking into the classroom and seeing a wrapped up box of hidden goodies and little gifts waiting for you

 here is a pic of the goodies that went with the class boxes
the little wooden box was for the Puzzle (Wall Art) class, the Glass Jar was for the Botanical Tea Mini Album class and the little handbag was for the Double Layout class

Ladies very busy in the Wall Art Class


My Tutor Wall
Ok that's it short and sweet but I promise to come back soon and show sum sneakys of the next kit for Class on the 6th Sept.....however just before that we are heading to Sydney for a few days for our Anniversary (31yrs) and Trev's birthday
yep he's old but I still luv him as much as when we were 13.
Until We catch up again
Happi Scrapin' 

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